About me

Honorary Secretary of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Editorial Board Member, Canadian Journal of Linguistics

Editorial Board Member (from 2023), Journal of Linguistics

My main interests are phonology, morphology, and issues around minority and endangered languages (documentation, description, revitalization).

My empirical focus is on Indigenous languages of Mexico, in particular the language isolate Huave (umbeyajts/ombeayiüts) and the Oto-Manguean language Amuzgo (jñ’òn ndá).

I am currently at the University of Surrey, working an amazing day job as Research Bid Development Manager in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. My capacity for peer review, research supervision and examining, etc. is therefore limited, but I am happy to make exceptions for any kind of community-focused work with Indigenous languages.

Brief bio: I did my undergraduate degree in Linguistics (with Germanic emphasis) at Harvard, graduating summa cum laude, then spent a Fulbright year (2002-03) at the University of Helsinki researching phonetic aspects of the Swedish dialects of Finland. My PhD (UC Berkeley, 2008) was a phonological and morphological description of San Francisco del Mar Huave. I worked at the University of Manchester from 2009-2017, and the University of Essex from 2017-2022. I was a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow in 2021/22.

Other: I am interested in ecology, biodiversity, and their links with Indigenous knowledge and culture. In 2018, I completed a PgDip in Biological Recording at Manchester Metropolitan University, and aim to do a FISC in the near future. My household is bilingual English-Brazilian Portuguese, and I always aspire to improve in Korean, which I began learning to understand and speak at age 16. I was very into spelling bees as a kid. My one and only professional freelance translation gig was a Finnish-to-English piece for Harper’s Magazine.

You can contact me at my proton.me email address, username yuni.kim3. I have profiles on LinkedIn and Google Scholar.

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